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Counter-Strike 1.6

Standard features:
- Reserved server slot (you will be able to join a full server,open the game console ( press the ~ button ) and type in: connect SERVERIP:PORT and press the Enter button, as long as there is at least one non VIP member on the server).
- VIP Players write in chat green color.
- VIP members must special special skin.
- Signature /vips shows who is the VIP online.
- VIP are shown in points table.
- Protection for AFK kick.
What do you get as an Admin?:
- Reservation (can join on reserved slots).
- Admin Say (@ and the text).
- SLAY (amx_slay ir amx_slap commands).
- KICK (amx_kick nick).
- BAN  (amx_banmenu etc).
- Vote map (amx_votemapmenu).
- Vote (amx_vote "Question?" "answer1" "answer2").
When you get round start:
- Complete grenade set during round start.
- Full armor during each round start.
- Extra ammo during each round start.
- Extra money during each kill.
- Kill Bonus. Each shot will give you extra 15HP , Each head shot will give you extra 30HP.
- Ability to buy sniper rifles.

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